My birth control experiences

 I hear so many horror stories from people about birth control. While all birth controls have pros & cons everyone body react different to certain types of birth controls. 

My husband and i have decided to wait a little longer before we have anymore little humans 😊. I refuse to believe that the pull out method would be a success for us and Condoms are just to uncomfortable. So, birth control it is.

  The first form of birth control I ever used was The pill. 

I was 18 & I had just given birth to my first son. I’m not really sure what was the brand of the pill, but I’m pretty sure they all have the same effect.

The pill contains hormones that thickens mucus on the cervix stopping ovulation. No ovulation means no eggs for the sperm to fertilize. No fertilized eggs = no pregnancy. Most people problem with the pill was forgetting to take them. Not mine! My problem was that sick feeling I got from taking them. So did the pill work for me? Maybe, I wouldn’t know, because after the first 2 weeks to avoid taking them I hid them in the trunk of husbands car & told him I misplaced them.  The pill wasn’t for me. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant with my second son. A year afterwards I tried a different type of birth control. A Contraceptive Implant. 

The brand was Nexplanon. Just like The pill , the Nexplanon released hormones that stopped sperm from getting to your eggs… The pill is oral medicine that you must take daily while the nexplanon was diffrent. 

Its a small rod shaped piece of flexible plastic ( about the size of a toothpick but a little shorter) Thats inserted in your arm. During my insertion the area was numbed with some type of numbing cream, so that part for me was completely painless. However, I did have a huge hideous bruise. That birth control lasted me for 3 years. Bad thing was over those three years I experienced extremely long &heavy menstral cycles ( 3mnths non stop bleeding) & would only be off for about 2 weeks before my cycle came again. Good thing is I didn’t have any other side effects & I didnt get pregnant. Still, The nexplanon wasn’t for me. After it expired I decided to try an IUD. 

The Mirena. The mirena prevents pregnancy the same way the pill and the nexplanon do. Difference is the Mirena is put inside your uterus. 

I haven’t had it long to give much feedback. The insertion was terrible. I didnt take any pain meds before so the cramps while it was being put in to about 2hrs later felt like labor contractions. The only side effects I’ve had so far is more cramps. Also I can’t sleep & I’m extremely emotional. However Im not really sure if that’s an effect of the birth control or not. Its going on two months & the closest I’ve gotten to a period was really light spotting for about 3 days. Maybe the mirena is for me 😊

I’ll keep you updated.

Feel free to share your birth control experience below 😊

Author: DoraDoressa

23, mom, wife, student, yoga

2 thoughts on “My birth control experiences”

  1. I haven’t yet the arm one but I try the IUD..I hated give me the worst cramps and alot of bleeding .Sex with my partner was painful it will hurt me and him so we didn’t had sex much. No pleasure doing it. So I decided to take it out and now I’m on the pill I get nauseas but I forget to take it.So now I don’t know what to try. Thanks for sharing ur story love 😚

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    1. You’re so welcome. & i also got nauseous with the pill. That’s why I discontinued them. Lately with the Mirenea my husband been have been complaining that he can feel the strings & its painful…. 😣 I might have to give up on it as well. Maybe I’ll give the shot a try


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